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November 11, 2012
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England X Reader Birthday Surprise

You were sitting on your plane just about to arrive in London you were excited your friend as a birthday present knew that you had always wanted to go to Britain more specifically London.

So here you were on the day of your birthday about to land in London you could see many things from here every building seemed like little miniatures as you landed.

Once you had landed you were off to find a taxi to take you to your Hotel room which took you a little longer than  expected but finally you arrived at the hotel and were settling in.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time skip to after you settled in and were off to explore the city of London~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You looked around glancing down at your map it was around the afternoon about 3ish once everything was all set and done. You were tired yes and maybe a little hungry but wanted to at least see something sadly...You didn't quite know where to go You wanted to see St Paul's Cathedral first not sure why but it just seemed like a good place to start you thought with a bit of a laugh in the back of your mind. You had two weeks to see everything and you sure were going to try to see everything maybe even meet someone you thought as you walked down the street and turned a corner to a local Cafe you had heard about from the people in the hotel. What you didn't expect though was when you walked in to bump into someone and when you looked up you were caught by the most beautiful of green eyes that you had ever seen.

"Oh I'm dearly sorry miss! I didn't see you as I walked out...." The man said as he offered his hand to you and you took hold off it not looking away for a second from his green eyes you could tell though he was British he had those thick eyebrows the beautiful green eyes the lovely blonde hair and to top it all off the drop dead accent you had always loved from the country.

"Are you ok miss?" You were finally broken out of your thoughts when he waved a hand in front of your face, which made you blink a couple times "Wait what oh sorry! I didn't mean to stare!" You said bowing your head a couple times as you glanced up at him. Which in turn made him chuckle "It's quite alright miss...I should have been watching where I was going....but if you don't mind me asking what is your name you don't seem to be from around here." he said as he stared right back into your (Eye color here) smiling a soft smile if your heart didn't stop then it might soon enough just by looking at him.

I'm (Your name here), and may I ask yours Sir...?"

"Arthur, Arthur Kirkland." He said as he smiled and began to say "Would you like some tea? I was just leaving but I can stay and have a chat with you if you'd like so were not blocking the door." He nodded towards the people waiting to come into the cafe which didn't look to please with the way you two were just standing there

"OH So sorry! Um sure! If that doesn't brother you to much Mr Kirkland!" You said hurrying into the cafe Arthur coughed a bit as he followed you into the Cafe "Call me Arthur(Your name here) you don't have to be so formal with me I'm not the king or anything." He chuckled as he sat down across from you you could see a tint of red on his cheeks as you talked it was as if you two had known each other your whole lives or were just destined to meet on the one time you did go to London.

During the Conversation England's POV.

My god I had never seen such a lovely girl in my life. He thought as he continued to stare at (Your name here) He knew it wasn't a gentleman thing to do but he couldn't help it something about her just something He couldn't quite place a finger on it her (your hair color here.) and (your eye color here) were just the most perfect shades. He wasn't one to fall head over heels for someone either he was quite picky but you seemed to change something about him. And all he wanted to do was get to know you he wanted to be around you.

"Say (Your name here) I can take you around if you'd like, I was born here and all and I do know this place like the back of my hand." He chuckled as he saw you blush he just wondered if you felt the same way as he did right then.

"S..ure! If you don't mind that is!" she blushed and looked down she seemed to be as red as a rose at that moment which made him turn a shade of pink as well.

"Then lets go we got a lot to see!" he said as he got up paid for the tea you both were drinking and hurried you along by grabbing your hand.

Back to your point of view~

You blushed a dark red as Arthur grabbed your hand you sensed he was blushing as well but couldn't tell what he was thinking all you could think about is how in a short amount of time is that you didn't want to be apart from him...and by god he was holding your hand right then and there! Your mind was a bit fuzzy as you went to a couple of landmarks such as St Paul's Cathedral , and Tower of London. By the time you were done with those it was already evening around 7 or 8 you didn't really care. All you cared about was getting to know this man Arthur you had almost forgot it was your birthday during the moment you were with him...then it hit you.

"Say Arthur what would you do if I told you today was my birthday?"

You both were standing and looking at the River as he spoke.

"Hmm that's a hard question to answer may I ask (Name here) is it your birthday?"

That made you both chuckle and then you turned to him and blushed a bit looking into his green eyes as he turned to you smiling his soft smile the wind picked up and blew past the both of you blowing your (Hair length and hair color) in the wind as it blew his hair as well the blond hair blew in the wind as you guys seemed to come closer to each other.
"(Name here) I must confess I didn't just come with you to see the sites...normally I don't talk to anyone but something about you...something catches my eye Something about you...I can't's hard to explain.....When I first laid eyes on felt as though my heart would jump right out of it's chest...." He said trailing off blushing a mad red over his cheeks he was afraid she would find him crazy and slap him and run off he knew that was a chance but...when he looked back into her eyes all he saw was a smile on her face and the reddish blush he could have ever seen even redder than the roses he grew in his garden at home.

"To answer your question before Arthur yes today is my birthday....and.....I feel the same way....I can't describe it just something about you..." You were cut off by his lips softly but gently brushing against your lips his eyes had closed and he was waiting for a reply like the gentleman he was he smiled as you  kissed him back he tasted of Tea and was a lovely mix and intoxicating at the same time you wrapped your arms around his neck as you made the kiss deeper and so did he. He grinned a bit as he pulled away for just a moment to whisper something in against your lips as the wind softly blew past the both of you.

"Happy Birthday....(Name here)"

This made you smile as tears ran down your cheeks "Thank you..." this had to be the best day of your life as you felt your lips meet again, feeling as though you had found true love in the city you were so found of for all those years....

To my lovely friend :iconlittle-soka: It's her birthday Present So Happy birthday! YES I KNOW IT"S AN HOUR LATE AND I"M SO SORRY ;~;!

But this is my gift to you<3 :iconbrohugplz:

Also this is the song I happen to be listening to though the whole thing.... if you were interested.


I really hope you like it ;~; I tried.....I'm sorry if it sucks...

And yeah it's the first time for me writing in a long time I haven't Written anything in Forever....So I really hope you do like it...I might go back and add more but I don't know. Or keep practicing but I really hope you like it ;~; <3

Sorry if I got any landmarks or anything wrong I've technically never been in London before ^^; It was just to give it story! Also sorry for any grammar errors as I said it's been awhile since I've written anything.

I DO NOT Own the preview photo I found it awhile ago and I do not know who did it but if you do I'll add a link to it here to give the person credit!

I also DO NOT Own England or you I only own the Story plot.

England/ Arthur is owned by Himaruya and you are owned by Arthur and yourself of course!

And of course I own the plot.....

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